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Exeter Turf and Soil


Exeter Seeded Lawn Turf: Exeter Turf & soil is a well established local supplier of high quality lawn turf. Our turf is grown from the finest seed and sown in a perfectly prepared, brown Devon soil. We deliver our lawn turf to Exeter and throughout the southwest, freshly cut on a daily basis. The turf is perfectly suited to all garden uses with it's fine but durable characteristics.

Exeter soil: Our soil is a high quality brown loam soil blended with an organic compost. It is fully screened and then stored undercover resulting in fine, nutrient rich, dry soil. Delivery can be made in loose loads from 2 - 20 tons and we also have a crane lorry to deliver the topsoil in Dumpy bags.

Exeter Turf


Our Quality

Our turf is grown to the highest standards, using all the latest machinery.
We take great care to produce turf we can be proud to supply. We intend to be Exeter's most popular lawn turf suppliers for years to come so our reputation for quality lawn turf and a great service is paramount to us. Exeter Turf cut your turf fresh to order and deliver it to you within just a few hours. Our friendly drivers will unload the turf for you and help with any advice you may need.