Screened Soil in Exeter

Exeter Turf and soil stock 1000's of tons of high quality brown soil.


All of our soil is screened through a giant vibrating sieve to eliminate stone and unwanted debris. The screened soil is then transported to our dry storage facility and stockpiled to cope with busy periods when it is to wet to screen.

soil can be delivered in loads from 2 to 20 tons on a tipper truck.

We also offer builders type dumpy bags of soil, delivered on a lorry with a crane to unload them.

The soil we stock is a brown loam topsoil that has been blended with organic compost and this is perfect for most purposes including

  • Seeding,
  • Turf
  • & More!

We stock this soil all year and we are proud to be able to offer dry soil in the winter. Not only is dry soil easier to work with but it is lighter, meaning better value for money when buying by the ton.

Exeter Turf